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I am in love with these posters and graphic design by Ivan A. Flores Clemente  for the performance of 'Histoire du Soldat' by the Inverness Stravinsky  Players at the Town house in Inverness ( 27th of March). The subtlety and abstractness of the images is amazing. He really captured the atmosphere of the time the music was made. 

Ivan explains to me about his work; 

'Histoire du Soldat' was first premiered in Lausanne (Switzerland) on September 1918, and was very well received, at a time when the Bauhaus was in gestation and the Dutch movement De Stijl, founded a year earlier, was already conducting its abstract investigations on primary colours and basic geometric shapes in its quest for an ideal sense of order and harmony. Thus the context of this interesting artistic period forms the departure point for the project.

All the project revolves around the three main characters of the piece (the soldier, the princess, and the devil), but since the performance is aimed at audiences of all ages and therefore seeks to engage with both adults as well as children, it was a deliberate choice to not take an entirely abstract approach and explore instead the vast imagery of architectural construction toys in the tradition of toy blocks, which ultimately give the artwork a much better and playful balance, in line with the original Russian folk tale on which the theatrical work is based.

The posters are for sale at the Leakey bookshop in Inverness. Maybe with a bit of luck they will also sent them for people not living in Inverness, Scotland. (if you like Ivan's work, he started his own office you can contact him at Macflowers)


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  1. I just wanted first to deeply thank Candice for featuring my work here on her blog; and , secondly, point that, on a more technical note, the poster, postcards and rest of advertsing materials were printed on high-quality uncoated paper which was chosen to provide a more natural touch and feel as well as a kind of 'retro' look reminiscent of the pre-war period. Finally, in order to emphasise its vintage character the excellent Dessau family of fonts by Hungarian designer Gábor Kótay was chosen for its obvious artistic qualities as well as for its tremendous versatility, to which the final artwork is forever indebted and hopes to have made justice.

  2. Anoniem22.3.13

    Outstanding graphic pieces, Ivan; I love the illustration- layout- fonts and colour combination! Thumbs up for this beautiful design. AQ


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