..Postcards from the urban edge..

I like postcards books. I never sent a card from them because I keep looking at them. One of my favorite one is People and Possessions, a tale through photos that show peoples possessions outside their home from allover the world. It is fascinating being able to see what people posses and maybe it is away for me to know what I don't have to posses. Which is always too much.

These cards of pavements in Barcelona, the city that posses the most beautiful graphic pavements in the world. I think I bought them at the Museu d'Historia de Barcelona.

In better times my office was kind enough to take us to Moscow for an excursion. I had no idea what to think of going there but it was an experience, from the rough repetitive housing, the strong architecture, to diamonds like the Melnikov house ( which we were lucky enough to be able to see from inside) or the Moscow metro. The stations are like ballrooms it almost seems surreal.
In the postcardbook I bought you can see them so well, because it is also a very congested metro.

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