..neon garland..

I like garlands, and I have a beautiful one hanging on my bed poster bed. But I like one for the holidays, that I can hang in a Christmas tree or use for wrapping gifts in a bright colour, neon preferably.
So with some thread and simple office stickers you can make these neon garlands yourself.

What you’ll need:

- Self-adhesive round stickers two sizes ( 1 cm and 0,5 cm)
- Thread (any colour you like to match)
- Ruler

Step 1
If you use thin thread double it two times so in the end you have four threads together. You can make it as long as you want it. Roll the threads together so they stick together.

Step 2
Put the threads along a ruler. Keep 5 cm at the beginning before sticking the first 1 cm sticker on the thread, turn it around and stick the other on top of the other sticker with the thread in between.

Step 3
Keep the thread next to the ruler and at 7 cm stick the enxt 1 cm round. Continue this until the end but do not forget to leave 5 cm at the end.

Step 4
In between the 1 cm rounds now stick the small rounds until all are filled.

Now hang it to brighten up your home or presents.

1 opmerking:

  1. Anoniem12.12.11

    goed idee! heb al een jaar neon-groene stikkertjes in huis, weet nu wat ik ermee ga doen!(pimp my tree)
    lfs Pascale


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