..Animal tower..

Children these days have a lot of toys, sometimes too many. In our house we have a lot of animals and my friend Celinda of celinda.ceramics had the same problem. So we decided to make a animal tower artworks for our sons out of it. 


A box frame that has enough room for the animal tower (ours is of Ikea)
Animals, try to see if the stand well on top of each other
A spray paint for plastic, in colour you like (we like red)
Print a background in the size of the inside of the box ( a landscape for example)

Spray paint the animals, let them dry. If necessary repeat
Stick the paper background with glue spray in the box frame make sure it fits before
When animals are dry try put them on top of each other
Stick them with super glue that works for plastics
Our animals lean a bit to the back of the frame so that they have some support

my sons find it hilarious that the giraffe sticks out it's tongue to the other animals

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  1. Hi Candice, this is very cool! Definitely a project I would like to try once my little one has stopped playing with his animals. Nice to 'meet' your blog!


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