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Where to go with your children in Barcelona? 
from up to down

Want to let your kids (up until age 5) be able to just play in the city? Then go to the Ludotheca de la Cuitadella in the Parc de la Cuitadella. Located on your right handside when you enter from Passeig de Isabella II. They have lots of different toys outside and parents can sit around and relax or play along of course.( for free)

Cosmo Caixa: one of the ‘social’ works that the bank La Caixa set up. My kids love Cosmo Caixa, the ramp to run down, the exhibitions ( dinosaurs, science, etc) but also the rainforest with real animals. When you get that it doesn’t seem like a big museum but when your are inside it is quite spectacular. You and your children can spend hours here.

Museu Blau, the building of Herzog and the Meuron was built for the Forum 2004 exhibition, but has been struggling ever since to find a good function. This year they put the museum of natural sciences  inside and still the public ground floor level could use some more life but the museum itself is great fun for children. Educational, the big bang and how did life start, exciting, real (dead) animals and dinosaurs with good animations and a great water place where you can run through virtual water.

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