With some leftover carpeting of our stairs I made this special skyline rug for our sons bedroom. My sons like having a rug because it gives them a place to play. And they love that the helped invent the skyline.

Just take the leftover carpet, flip it with the nice side down. Then draw the outline of your skyline, with a pencil and ruler, preferably a metal one.

Make it a simple skyline with big buildings, because the carpet is not easy to cut with a lot of detailing.

Try to draw the straight lines with the direction the carpet has been made, that will make the cutting easier and will give less threads.

Then just cut it with a Stanley knife and metal ruler, put something under, so you don’t cut your own floor.

Flip it around and cut threads with scissors if they appear. Normally the sides of a carpet would be sown all around, but that is a lot of work and I like it just simply cut. (Probably every so many months you’ll have to cut some threads)

Have fun!

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