With two sons there is not much pink colours around the house,  but I love shocking pink. Last summer we visited friends in Madrid and went to the Thyssen Bornemisza museum. We saw the Mario Testino exhibition – todo o nada, which was very vibrant with big glossy photo’s. I had to take the museum guide, available in different languages/colours and I am keeping at home for inspiration. The abstract architectural drawing in shocking pink is gorgeous, it doesn't matter I don't speak Portuguese.

There are probably not many clients who want a pink building, but I like these examples.
The Mexican architect  Luis Barragan was a master of colours and used pink often for his buildings. The entrance          of the Museum of Moving Image by Leeser architecture and these pink houses on Bleeckerstreet in New York.

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  1. Anoniem13.6.11

    Here is another 'pink', or I should say rose tinted construction from great British Architects, SCABAL.


    Hope you like, Nx.


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